Hi, I am Liz.  Owner of Liz Drennan Photography. I am a family, children’s lifestyle photographer.  I primarily use natural light to compose beautiful images for you to display in your home.


Portraits are meant to capture a time, foster a memory, freeze time that will otherwise be gone.  My passion is to photograph what you cherish most.

Children photography captures the innocence of their playfulness, their hands crossed, chin down, eyes looking up, which says I am not going to make this easy for you.  Until you say something that will make them laugh so hard that it captures the true essences of them.  You print it, frame it and five years down the road they look at that and say what was so funny that I was laughing so hard.  Then a whole season of life comes flooding back to you.

Families are so fun for me because it shows a beautiful timeline of a family legacy.   Seniors display a youths transition into young adulthood wether that be taking the next to go to college or to enter the work force.  These portraits cements a child’s achievement of completion of one stage of life and entering a new stage.  We go through so many different seasons of life.   Taking time to capture moments and seal some of those memories in time as we embrace new seasons is something to consider.


Sharing in the embraces, the laughter, rolling in the grass, snuggles, kisses, and making sure to etch each moment into an image.    Snap shots and selfies can only tell part of a story, but with a professional photographer capturing your family moments there is sure to be art work of what makes you and your family special and unique.


We are all created differently so don’t allow insecurities to stop you from creating a time capsule of portraits that your children and family members will undoubtedly want to share with others close to them.   Your life has a story and purpose.   The ones that love you need and want to keep those close.  Imperfections make us who we are.  Scars tell stories that we may not be able to.   My heart and my purpose is to help you capture your story through heartfelt images.

I have three children who I adore and one day when they are grown and have children of their own they will have these beautiful images of them being young.  Their children will look at the portraits and they will have a glimpse into the lives of their youth.

I love black and white portraits and portraits that are deep and classic with a more matte finish as well as the bright vibrant colors.  I incorporate those components together to create portraits you will love and want to hang in your home.

My focus is on the connections between those in each frame.  I will capture those images where everyone is looking at the camera.

A little about the photographer

I am a daughter, sister, wife and a mother of three little love bugs.  Phoenix, AZ  is currently home for us.  I love spending time with my family and friends.  Some might say that I am a social introvert.  Taking trips, long walks, playing games, and laughing are a few things that bring me so much joy and I am happy to fill my days with those things. Up until three years ago I was an elementary school teacher.  For ten plus years I taught various grade levels from sixth grade down to first grade.  Each grade level brought with it, its own unique qualities that I will always cherish.

A dream begins

I bought my first point and shoot camera when I was in high school.  It was a 35mm film camera.  You know the cameras that you buy at a grocery store and then have to take the film in and have developed.  Combing through old photo albums I took photographs of everything.  Family and friends, mostly.  Then I got married and a few years later we had our first child. My husband must have seen something in me before I did because he purchased me my first DSLR camera.  Later we packed our bags (or should I say the military did) and moved us to Texas where we lived for a decade.  I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their stories through each session.

I would love for you to connect with me on social media.  You can find me on facebookinstagrampinterest and twitter.

If you are interested in booking a session check out my investments page for more info or to contact us.

Photo Credit: my dear friend Jenni, from Joyful Exposures based out of Indianapolis captured these moments for my family.

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