A calling to adopt

Adopting a child is one of the greatest blessings and gifts to both the child and to the parents.  This is Jenni and Mark’s story of  love and waiting on God’s timing.

Meet Jenni and Mark.

I have known Jenni for more than 10 years.   A little over 10 years ago, she met a man who brought some extra sweetness to her life.  They got married and began their lives as husband and wife.  It wasn’t long before they shared their passion to adopt.  This was something they knew from the very beginning that they wanted.  The process to adopt is a long and often heartbreaking process.  Ideas and dreams take form with each potential placement and many times things change and placements change.  Leaving a couple feeling heart broken and lost.  There is new hope and renewed faith when a community of friends and family rally around a family.  The support comes through prayer, fundraising, chats on the phone, and texts of encouragement to name a few.

Jenni is one of the strongest and faithful women I know.  Through heartbreak, challenges, she has shown grace, faith in the mist of heart ache.  Even on those hard days of questioning God’s perfect plan she never lost hope.  I wish you could meet her and Mark,  you would instantly become friends with them.


  I will never forget the text I received from her late last year.  The words were straight to the point, “We have a placement.”   Filled with so much anticipation, hope, and prayers we waited to hear more news.  Then finally we heard more…  It was a little girl who was due early of 2017.  The hope that God had the perfect child for them and would spare no detail in giving them the child they were suppose to have from the beginning was finally happening.  All the while creating this beautiful testimony that they will have to encourage others who also seek to adopt.  Then early January we got the news that the most beautiful little girl was born and she was healthy.  Then we slowly started to see photos of our dear friends Jenni and Mark cradling their baby girl.

I would be lying if I said there weren’t tears on my end.  As I am sure with anyone close to Jenni and Mark waiting to hear updates.  Seeing those first images of Jenni and Mark holding their little girl brought about joy like no other.  God had placed the perfect little girl into the arms of parents who would give her so much love, joy and protection.  

On my trip to Indy, I met and got some sweet baby E snuggles.  With thick brown hair, the brightest of brown eyes anybody who laid eyes on her would fall head over heels in love with her.

Meet baby E.

Jenni and Mark have taken on the role of Mommy and Daddy so beautifully.  They were made to be her parent. She was theirs!

Daddy’s little girl.

 Mommy’s little princess


Earlier this week, Baby E was officially given Mark and Jenni’s last name.   Here is Mark, Jenni, pepper (their pup) and baby E as a family of four.

This is proof that God’s plans for our lives are way better than anything we could ever dream up.

Ms. E will grow up knowing that she is prayed for by many, loved by those that know her, and hand picked for Jenni and Mark by a heavenly father who’s love is unconditional and perfect.

Adoption is such a beautiful display of love.

I am excited to watch her grow with her forever mommy and daddy.

This is a story of hope, love, faith and trust in something so much bigger then us.

There are children out there that need forever homes and families that need forever children.

Be encouraged.