It’s been almost a year since my first trip to United and this coming weekend I will be heading back for my second time. What an experience the first time around was. I am looking forward to this year.

Confidence and persistence are two areas that I have struggled with for some time, when it comes to photography.  There have been those who have used their words to encourage and then there are those who have used their words to cause doubt.  I am sure I am not the only one out there who tends to hang on those negative influences.  The ones that tell you, you’re not good enough. Your equipment is sub par, the list of phrases and comments can go on and on.

United was one of the most encouraging and uplifting conferences I have ever been to. They taught about strength, finding yourself in your work, finding you why, pursuing goals and dreams. Making the most of each and every moment. Whether it comes from joy or sadness each moment has it’s place in my story and in yours.

I don’t know to many people who look forward to or want to struggle.  I have never heard someone say they cannot wait for the next life altering trial to take place. You know the one that knocks you to your knees while taking your breath away.  Leaving you wondering whats next.  There were so many profound stories of strength through the trials. Finding joy in the midst of pain.  So much strength, courage and most of all faith. 

This  photography conference caused each person to grow not just as a professional but also as a person. It was truly a wonderful experience and I look forward to my time there this year.

Dance shoot out 

This shoot out with Laylee Emadi was so much fun.  We were able to work with several dancers.  These dancers are all professional dancers doing some amazing things and traveling the world with their gift.  One was a Phoenix Suns Dancer and a few ballerinas who have danced with some of the greats.  The setting was the gardens of the hotel we all stayed at.  Perfect weather and the perfect amount of sunlight gave way for the most beautiful backdrop for these dancers to showcase their talents. 













Bride and Groom Shootout

This shootout was with the incredibly talented Ben Hartley.  We went on top of mountain by the hotel and in the brisk morning of November.  It came with some firsts.  My first cactus in the foot.  Side note do not wear sandals or flats on a trek up a mountain.  I wore flats.  We maneuvered around Cholla cactus (jumping cactus) to find pockets of open shade, while also learning how to embrace full sun.  The challenges and the lessons were equally memorable.  






The Boho Wedding Couple

This shoot with the boho chic queen herself  Suzy Goodrick.  This shoot out was so much fun to end an amazing conference with.  The style was a perfect mix of Boho and vintage glam complete with smoke bombs.  I think my favorite besides a completely rad couple was the dress by lovely bride.  






Many blessings to those reading this to the very end.  May your day be uplifting and may you find joy even in your trials.  

God Bless!!



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