Family is forever

Fall in south Texas doesn’t really feel much like fall.  The evening of this particular session was in the mid 80’s.  I met, for the first time, the sweetest family of 4.  Their oldest was a brown eyed, transformer and pizza loving little man, who enjoyed playing in the dirt on the trail we were on.  Then there was most precious baby girl who was the happiest of little girls, she was so content.


There is a beginning to each story. Here is their beginning.

cassle-family-session-lr-16 cassle-family-session-lr-21

Add a fun, and curious little guy,

cassle-family-session-lr-37   cassle-family-session-lr-38   cassle-family-session-lr-73

and a sweet princess,

cassle-family-session-lr-71      cassle-family-session-lr-72    cassle-family-session-lr-45

you get these two cuties.


What it creates is a family filled with love, laugher, transformers, trucks, bows, ballet slippers, and trips to toy stores and pizza dinners.

cassle-family-session-lr-66    cassle-family-session-lr-61   cassle-family-session-lr-58

cassle-family-session-lr-77   cassle-family-session-lr-75   cassle-family-session-lr-78

Finally, add in lots of snuggles, kisses and hugs and you have completeness.


FAMILY is a gift.