I’d like you to meet Jenna.
She like so many of her peers are experiencing a different kind of senior year than most. Like many of her friends they will be finishing out their senior year seeing each other by way of face time and zoom calls, with schools closing their doors in an effort to preserve the health and safety of our communities.
Jenna has been in show choir much of her high school career. She shared with me fond memories of her time in high school and how choir was one of her favorite experiences. She is so full of joy and gratitude. While I am sure there is some sadness and frustration with this sudden shift in lifestyle, she like so many are looking at the good and positive aspects of this season we are in.
Jenna is the type of role model I would love for my girls to look up too. Y’all she is Wonder Women! Seriously though she dresses up in a Wonder Women costume and brings joy to so many people. I love it, because how she embodies the same character traits as being bold, courageous and seek to help others when ever possible.
Jenna along with her mom and sister have been on mission trips to developing countries and spent time pouring into the lives of others. She has such a fun loving personality that is evident with how she lives out her life.
We wandered upon a coffee shop/ boutique shop area with an industrial feel to it on the inside. It was pretty neat. It’s not an area I personally had been to but one I very much want to explore some more.
And…Coffee happens to be one of her favorite things as well.
She was so willing for me to try a couple new to me concepts… One being shooting through a window at her. I must say I do love the results.
We had such a great time on her shoot. We went to downtown PHX… I am not sure exactly what part of “downtown” PHX we were technically in. I’m told PHX has more than one downtown area.
Anyways, We went to the art district. Also known as Roosevelt row.
It’s full of art displayed on concrete walls and sides of building. I like when artist share their gifts with us by beautifying an area. Walls with birds flying, angel wings, colored geometric shapes. You name it, it was probably paint somewhere in that area.
… and of course brightly colored stairs.
My prayer for Jenna is that she continues to follow the path God has for her.
He has big plans for her and I see her doing so many great things.
To all the Seniors of 2020 may you see this year for the memories made and a season in life well lived.
There is so much waiting for you.