Rocking Horses and Morning light

My sweet baby girl, lets not kid each other she is growing up way to fast, was playing in her room.  While I was getting my little ones clothes ready for her to get dressed for the day she spotted the white framed, blue eyed rocking horse in her closet.  Handcrafted by my late father, this piece of family history has been in my family for more than thirty years. My brothers and I all had our turn on this beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

Late, last year this rocking horse made it way south to my home.  My children took an instant liking to him.  Loved and weathered by the playful nature of each child who sat on his back.  As a result, the rocking horses handle bar had been glued more times that could be recorded.  In turn, I have kept this horse safe in our closet.


My Sweet little girl wanted to have a ride on this blue eyed beauty, so I pulled it over to the open spot by her window.  She sat and played, peacefully, happily, without a care in the world.   The light bounced off both Ms. K and her wooden white stallion with such grace.  Consequently,  creating a moment that could pass so quickly and be missed entirely so I ran downstairs to grab my camera in hopes that I could get a few shots of her.   The gloomy morning, with rain clouds hovering forced the most heavenly light through her window.

 childwithrockinghorse childridingrockinghorse child with blanket

There is something so beautiful and simple.

She had worship music playing in her room from the night before. So as she finished her ride with her baby doll she proceed to dance with her.  Swaying and spinning so delicately to the musics tempo, I watched and memorized her movements.  For one day she will be grown watching her own child dance to music.  These are the moments we are made for.  The simple.  The beautiful. The timeless.

playing-with-light-2016-3 playing-with-light-2016-6 playing-with-light-2016-4

Mornings with this little one are anything but ordinary…. They are my extraordinary!

playing-with-light-2016-7 playing-with-light-2016-5

Embrace your ordinary for it truly is extraordinary.


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