Time to RESET

A few weekends ago I ventured up North to the chilly and beautiful city of Indianapolis.  My dear friend Jenni and I attended what I will say is probably one of the best conferences I have attended in quite some time.  The Reset Conference did just what it set out to accomplish for me.  It was a way to reset my thinking about something I love so very much and begin to pursue dreams and goals I had set for myself.   It is so easy to allow the voices of others to hinder and divert a person from what they set out to accomplish.  I have spent a lot of time in prayer seeking guidance and direction.  


My mission and purpose for this conference was to absorb all the information that shared and begin to process and incorporate what I learned into my own business.     Each of the speakers shared their successes, failures, and what sets them apart from others in their same genre of photography.   I left feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to push forward and go after the dreams even the scary ones.

With that said,  here is a small glimpse into one of the most amazing weekends of this year to date.  Friday night we met up with other photographers for dinner at Yard House.  That was the first point at which I met other extremely talented photographers. There was a lot of laughter  and joy shared that evening.


Saturday morning started off early.  Speakers began to share their stories and their passions of a profession they too loved.  Joy and community were expressed by every speaker.  Many of the speakers spoke shared a same point,  photographic what you love.   There will always be someone out there that doesn’t see things the way you do or share in your creative expressions.  And that is OK! 

I signed up for a shoot out with the amazing Sarah, a senior portrait photographer based out of Illinois.  I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone and this was the session to do that in.  Parachutes…. I had seen it done before but the idea was so out there for me that I never considered it was something I could do, let alone enjoy.  She showed a group of about seven of us what a parachute senior session would look like and helped us through the process.  The girls that wore these dresses were fantastic.  They are not light dresses and if you think about what a parachute’s purpose it is easy to see the results.  Add in wind to an already chilly Saturday and you have a recipe for something spectacular.  Here are some of those images.




Sunday brought it’s own gifts.  The talent of speakers was again incredibly valuable.  The next shootout I participated in was with the amazingly talented Kara.  She is beyond gifted in the wedding photography market.  Her shootout was nothing short of spectacular.  With the heart of the city as our backdrop we took a “pretend” bride and “pretend” groom around a block radius and captured stunning imagery of a beautiful urban wedding.  Here are a few of my favorite I took from this session.



Laughter is the best medicine

In between sessions Jenni and I went out and explored the city.  We wanted to find some cool locations to take some head shots.  More time was spent laughing then actually photographing.  Little did we know that one of those locations would provide the natural expression needed for some hilarious memories. 

 This will be a weekend to remember.  I am grateful to the speakers and the ladies that put on the Reset Conference. They brought with them experience, encouragement and insight.  Thank you to Sarah and Kara for leading two of the most enjoyable shootouts I’ve been a part of.   Jenni and Mark, thank you for sharing your home and your sweet little girl with me.  Thank you to my husband for manning the fort at home and proving you clean better than I do *wink *wink.  Most importantly, God for paving the path for me to have this experience.

      Blessings to you.